Mobile Care

Low income mothers desperately need quality prenatal care to learn how to care for themselves and their growing babies. And yet, this is the group of mothers most likely not to get prenatal care, sometimes even showing up in labor at the hospital ER never having seen a doctor. In these sad circumstances, many premature, low birth weight babies struggle to survive. These babies are much more likely to lose that battle for life.

The most common reasons women give for getting little or no prenatal care are: transportation problems, no insurance, and poor treatment by clinic staff. The Luke Project 52 Mother Baby Clinic wants to meet these women where they are at by coming to their communities with mobile care.

The mobile care unit brings The Luke Project 52 Clinic's gold standard of care right into the poorest neighborhoods. By setting up rooms for prenatal visits at local church facilities and community centers, the clinic accomplishes another important goal of connecting new mothers with churches and local ministries that provide the long term counseling and support needed, particularly for young mothers in difficult circumstances.

By operating with unconventional afternoon and evening hours, The Luke Project 52 mobile clinic makes it easier for mothers to get prenatal care without taking a day off from work. We provide a family atmosphere where adult supervised, safe care is provided in our children's activity room. Mothers will not feel that they have to get a babysitter to keep their appointment.

The Luke Clinic is staffed by fully trained doctors, nurse midwives and experienced mother baby registered nurses who will share the love of Christ with the quality care they provide. All services are provided to women and infants free of charge.


The Luke Project 52 Clinic
is an effort in cooperation with the
Michigan District of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod